Tim Peters

I struggled as I read in chapter 6 about the idea of language of contempt being in the Bible.  That is a hard concept for me to accept.  I do not believe in inerrancy of the Bible.  But I do believe that the Holy Spirit inspired the writers and then they put the thoughts into their own words.  As 1 John says, “God is love.”  My view is that it is the same God in the Old Testament and New Testament.  There are some things that God did and said that is hard to understand how that is love.  There are times where God seems harsh.  I like BBT’s point about the need for context.  As I look at the big picture I see a God of love.  And love and contempt do not go together in my opinion.

I had a professor in undergrad while taking Theology that also challenged my thinking-Alden Thompson.  He had us read his book, Inspiration: Hard Questions, Honest Answers.  He is a controversial figure in the Adventist Church.  I tended to agree with a lot of what he taught.  One thing he talked about was how God came to earth and spoke to people in a language they could understand.  Sometimes that meant wars and sacrifices even though that was not God’s ideal.   This is not to say that God can do anything he wants because we are in a sinful world.  I see God as the ultimate ethical being; for example, Jesus raised the bar on the sermon on the mount.  But like I said I struggle with some of the ethics of some of the harsher stories in the Bible.  I will keep searching and look for ways to be inclusive.