Dan Mefford

As I read the section on owning God – I have to agree, we do not own God. However, I feel God has owned us and chosen us to be His people. That may not be correct to say in our society at this point, but I must own it as my belief. I love studying other faiths Andean learn so much to enhance my own, but I truly feel He is the ay. Sometimes, you just have to step out in faith while respecting others.

I also liked the sharing of the idea that scrip[tyuire is alive and ever changing to teach me more. I can resonate with that, without compromising my belief in the centrality of scripture in faith. It is alive and strong.

My final thought is on chapter 5, page 90. She asks why her faith does’t have a teaching that “moral and spiritual dignity extend beyond the boundaries of anyone civilization.” (Sacks). I think it does have that teaching, “If I be lifted up, I will draw all me to me.” Paul also chose to become all things  to all so that they could be drawn to Christ. I don’t think my faith has to be the sum, I think I have to draw to the son by being engaged with understandings of others.