Lee Whitlock

Mary, when I am called upon to pray outside of my church body, I end the prayer with “In the name of God Who is called by many names, we pray.” I’ve yet to have anyone to complain. Since I was the “preacher” on staff with my last two companies, I was always the one called on to pray often, especially to give a blessing over the shared meals. In both organizations, Zinger-Miller and Holden International, we had Christians, Jews, and Muslims.

BBT’s book and everyone’s comments this month has been a blessing to me as well. I welcome the opportunity to jointly read a book with others. I’m also a member of a book group at Crescent Hill Baptist. In May, we read The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton and for June we are reading Southernmost by Silas House. We read from several genres, but seldom, if ever, read anything religious, although I find something spiritual in most of the books we choose. I’m hoping we’ll choose Pat Conroy’s The Prince of Tides for one of our upcoming books. I realize that it is an older book, but I really identify with the whole book and Tom Wingo, the main character, in particular.