Mary M. Wrye

I too am amazed at those who say they are “Bible believing” Christians (and even as I write that I am reminded of the “judge not lest you be judged” component of my faith) who lose sight of the Blessed are the Peacemakers part of Jesus’ instructions to us. I was having a conversation with a Christian physician in my hospital who was ranting and raving about the Administration… and as it got rather colorful, I just said “Dr. _____, you are better than that”. And his response to me was “no I’m not”. I was stunned! Did he even hear what he was saying. I tried again and his response was the same. My goodness.

At the end of Chapter 6 BBT says “I can only walk one way at a time, but that does not prevent me from believing that other people might be walking their ways with equal devotion and good will”. Amen sister! I do a short prayer each morning over our PA system. We are a Methodist hospital and that tradition was started many, many years ago. I write the prayers in advance and tailor them to current happenings inside and outside the hospital. And I end the prayer “in the name of the one who (and then I tie it to the prayer), we offer our prayer. AMEN.” I have been taken to task a number of times because I don’t end my prayers “in Jesus name”. I have been told that God doesn’t hear prayers that are not offered in Jesus name. I told them that there are not only staff of other faiths, but patients in our building who may be other than Christian and I try to write my prayers for all people. They don’t argue with me but neither do they agree. Guess I don’t really care because I keep doing it this way.

I will say that BBT has given me a LOT to think about. She has opened my eyes to things I have been doing, preaching, believing that I need to rethink. I am really grateful you chose this book, Lee. Thank you for exposing me to this topic and pushing me to look at how I see things. I can tell you – it has challenged me.