Wow!  a week goes by and I miss so much.  Sorry for being mia–annual employee memorial service to lead the same week we lost a nurse manager unexpectedly–hard to focus with so many feelings and needs.  Memorial Service went well and all are working through the pain and loss.


I also appreciated the reference to Fowler.  I, too need to re-read it!

I also try to expand on the concept of not questioning God–so many of the Psalms ask questions.  I’m walking in faith that God made us as emotional and questioning beings and I’m thankful God is big enough to love me through all of the emotions and questions.

I appreciated the thoughts of culture into finding God.  Many times I’ve shared –this is how I believe and what I have found that is meaningful to me–faith in God through Jesus.  Someone recently asked, how do we convince others that God through Jesus is the only way.  I couldn’t encourage the person to be so strict–I encouraged the person to share–this is what is important to me and these are the reasons.  I don’t think that convincing another is my job–my job is to love and care and share–and leave the rest to the mighty God/Holy Spirit–whatever the name to work in a person’s life.

Henri Nouwen was influential to me during CPE–I was struck by his work of caring and being in community at L’Arc.  He probably didn’t preach as much as taught and demonstrated God’s love.  Also, I read several of Phillip Keller–A shepherd looks at Psalm 23, a Gardener looks at the fruit of the spirit–perspective is important.    I know a hodge podge of influences.

In chapter 4 I also began wondering, should i start making a quilt with spiritual bits and pieces.  I so appreciated the list of questions from “Sister Krister” -ask the adherents of that religion, not the enemies; don’t compare your best to their worst, and leave room for holy envy.  It’s hard to compare one to one exactly.

Several have spoken to the quote from the book-however many other religious perspectives I learn,  I dream in Christian.  However much I learn from other spiritual teachers, it is Jesus I come home to at night.  I also highlighted it in my book.  Parents who say, oh, I don’t want to influence my child on religious things, I’ll let them decide when they grow up.  To me that is not giving your child a foundation to build upon.  Yes, your children may make other choices, but with nothing to compare, many will not even consider faith/religion as important.

Also, I appreciated the quote–another kind of holy envy alerts me to the things in other religions that have become neglected in my own–when I see the discipline of a Muslim’s prayer time, where is my prayer time–am I being faithful to what I know that I need.

On page 73 when BBT mentions ‘a closely related holy envy flared up when I discovered that neither Judaism nor Islam includes a doctrine of original sin—mine shows up when the concept of judgement arises.

BBT’s summary after the tour of the Asjid of Al=Islam with the imam “our deepest desire is not that you become Muslim, but that you become the best Christian…I can speak from the heart of my faith, wishing others well at the heart of theirs-including those who had no name for what got them through the nights.  Wow!! Yes! challenges me to walk each day caring and honoring Christ the best I can.

Okay, I’ll stop–sorry for the missive….