Mary M. Wrye

Good morning all,

How does being a Christian change the way I live? Well… I’ve been part of the Christian faith my whole life. Raised in the church with Christian parents and grandparents. “Saved” and baptized at age 11. Stayed Christian. So I don’t know that I can say it “changed” much. What I can say is that it has INFORMED the way I live. I make choices based on my Christian faith – whether or not I engage in certain relationships that might be open to me; how I do my job (I am a one person department with no close supervision – which I like) but I could easily get by with leaving early or giving it less than my best; cheating; stealing; lying; being more laid back in my church attendance and support… Because I am a Christian, I am mindful of the choices I make.

When I was growing up – I was told (A LOT) that we should act as though the world was watching everything you do. Which meant don’t walk in front of a bar or liquor store for fear that someone would think you were coming out of it and scar your “witness”. I crossed a lot of streets until I finally got a grip on that. But the truth is the world IS watching and I try to make choices based on that. Some days I do better than others! :0)