Lori Casey BSN MDiv., BCC-PCHAC

Hi All! Anne,  I love that you brought the question of how Christianity changes the way we live to the table.  I stuck it to my bathroom mirror on a sticky note because I fail frequently.  So to read the question every morning speaks to me of intentionally choosing “the good/kind/patient” way.   It reminds me of a chaplain friend who wears her priestly collar and says, “I wear this not because I want people to think I am holier than they are,  but because it humbles me, and reminds me of who is present in all my conversations with patients.”   Tim, I appreciate your comments about how having Jesus as your example has shaped your life long attitudes and actions.  Lee you too note how  faith (and from what we are reading- all faith traditions to some degree) do/does realign and reprioritize how we live.  In my thinking, this exemplifies what Diana notes in saying that “Faith should enhance our lives and not complicate it.”  As a chaplain I have had patients describe their faith to me in terms of all the things they do not do or must do- and I feel exhausted just listening to them : )

I am so grateful to read all of the comments in this class and hope to post later.