Tim Peters

To the question of how does being a Christian change the way you live, it reminds me of a comment my sister told me as a teenager after I starting taking seriously my relationship with God.  She said she noticed I had changed and am a kinder person.  At the same time, Christians do not corner the market on kindness.  I know some Jews, Hindus and others who are very kind people.   Being a Christian reminds me that I am still a work in progress and Jesus is the example of how to treat others.

Being a Christian helps my marriage and family.  My faith inspires me to put the happiness of my wife above my own.  It helps me to patient with my kids and reminds me to give grace to them.  Again, can’t say I do this all the time but it is my faith that helps me to strive to be better in these areas.

Being a Christian changes my priorities.  It has encouraged me to give more to help others.