Dianna Cox

Your comment keeping Kosher is a commitment is really interesting to me. This makes me think of some of my friends who are vegetarians and vegan. I often ask them how do they do that. They tell me they really have to plan and think ahead of how and what they eat. I sometimes admire their discipline. I remember I was in a group of some folks and one of them mentioned they were vegetarian and I made the comment I am way to busy to work that hard at eating. The person said do you think you are busier than I am. I truly didn’t mean my comment to hurt that person I was just saying for me that is too much work.
I think about faith practices and in some traditions I probably would see some of them as too much work. Like praying 4 to 6 times a day. I pray however don’t do it at specific times. In some ways I am not very disciplined.
Faith and the practice of faith has to have flexibility for me, if it is too restrictive I know I would have a more difficult time.