Dianna Cox

I want to comment on Chapter 7. I actually responded to September 11 through the Red Cross and went to the Pentagon. I can tell you seeing the devastation truly changed me. When walking through the area I could smell so many things, the smoke, the fuel, the other smells. Flying since has been challenging for me. I must say I don’t feel safe on any plane and always make sure I listen to  the security announcements and read the security card. I don’t take anything for granted when flying. I still fly many times during the year yet am always aware of the dangers.

At the hospital I worked in Tacoma there were several Muslims working, many were my friends and they were sickened by what had happened. They had many awful things said to them and yet said nothing in respond. I asked my friends why didn’t you say anything back and they responded it adds fuel to the fire. One of my friends said extremists never express the faith they only talk about hate and division. I have never been more reminded of that recently.

Will try to provide more comment on the other chapters.