Lee Whitlock

As we begin our last week together, please read chapters 5-6. Write on anything that strikes you. I have listed a possible discussion for each chapter.

Chapter 5: The Nearest Neighbors – Taylor contrasts the Christian emphasis on right religious belief with the Jewish emphasis on right religious practice. With this in mind, what is the answer to the question on page 95: “How does being a Christian change the way you live?”

Chapter 6: Disowning God – What is your response to Taylor’s interpretation from Jesus’ first sermon at Nazareth (pp. 111-117) – that no tradition has privileged access to the divine and no religion owns God.

Chapter 7: The Shadow-Bearers – Taylor says that September 11 changed the way Americans view Islam resulting in what President Bush called “a quiet, unyielding anger” (p. 129) that continues today. What fears do you have around terrorism? Where do they come from? How do they affect your perception of everyday Muslims?

Again, write on any topic that strikes you. The above questions are just a suggestion based on my curiosity about these 3 chapters.

Thanks, Lee