Lee Whitlock

You made me laugh. After I put that song on here, it stuck with me all day as well. In fact, the next morning I used it as my meditation period. Now, I’ll be thinking about it again.

I agree with Rhor and like his analysis. I know of God, but I don’t “know God.” My Homiletic professor, Dr. George Buttrick, used to tell us, “You can’t cinch Jesus.” I assume he also meant God. Jesus/God always surprised Buttrick explained. Just when we think we know Jesus, he surprises with what he says and does. Dr. John Claypool gave me my definition of God as the “Alchemist God”. The Alchemist was one of those individuals who thought they could take a worthless metal (iron, tin, etc.) and turn it into Gold. The Alchemist God is thus that identity is able to take this worthless wreck and turn it into someone precious.