Dan Mefford

Sorry I’ve been a little MIA – been fighting allergies and time! Anyway, As I read this weeks materials I was struck by a memory of a :”vision” type. experience I had several years ago. I grew up on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation in Montana. Over the course of my life I had been struggling with trying to understand my faith and how it had impacted my life. I have always been drawn to native beliefs in a lot of ways but they seemed to contradict my own Christian heritage. During the “vision” experience I had, a warrior came to me and told me that I could walk strong in my faith and life by remembering what I had learned from “the res” and seeking how it would guide me in my beliefs. Now, almost 3 decades later, I am still incorporating some of that experience as I work to help others see their warriors and move through their faith journey.

I still believe Jesus is the way, the truth, the life, but people have the right to choose the path they follow. My hope is to journey with them and be there when they have question or need. At the same time I am able to pick up pearls from other faiths and hold them dear because of my Christian faith. In the chapter on Buddhism, pg 47, BTT refers to the teaching that we do not seek to end pain but suffering. That, to me, is very Christ like. His yoke doesn’t do away with the pain of life, but it helps to ease the suffering that I might serve better through life.