Tim Peters

I like how BBT described a silent revolution in chapter 3 that she saw in others and said she experienced.  She shared her student’s words, “Not about changing my religion, but the way that I look at things.”  Looking more closely at both other religions and our own can give us a new perspective and help us be a better (fill in the blank) as the Dalai Lama told his visitor Kevin.

There are different things that I admire about others religions and even other Christian denominations.  I have always liked the sense of awe that I find in many Catholic services and places of worship.  Taize worship has been meaningful when I have gone to it.  We do not use a liturgy in the Seventh-day Adventist church and that has interested me.  My Buddhist friends have inspired me with their peaceful demeanor and way of handling challenges.  I love the outdoors and the Native American connection to the earth is something that I would like to experience more.  Chanting from different traditions is something I have enjoyed hearing.