Mary M. Wrye

In Chapter 3 in the course of her discussion about Buddha BBT asks “Can you have a religion without a God?” (p. 47). Hum… I’m going to have to ponder that one.

Lee, I think you asked about BBT quoting Knitter… “The more deeply one sinks into one’s own religious truth, the more broadly one can appreciate and learn from other truths”. It reminded me of a statement I heard somewhere along the way “you cannot truly believe until you have truly doubted”. As Fowler taught us – we may come to point in our Spiritual development where we jump the line from what we have been taught/what other’s believe – to what we actually believe and will ultimately claim as our own theology. So the more deeply I drill into my own theology and beliefs, the more I sift through what I really believe and find to be true for me. My SS teacher does not believe in the virgin birth or the physical resurrection of Jesus (she claimed that one on Easter morning). While I have much respect for her and where she is in her journey – I’m not there. I am more like BBT who says “However many other religious languages I learn, I dream in Christian. However much I learn from other spiritual teachers, it is Jesus I come home to at night”. (p. 49) And I am also making the assumption that BBT and I describing the same “Jesus”.

More as I wonder through Chapter 4.