Tim Peters

The story in chapter 1 about the young man who wanted Taylor to point out the faults of other religions sounds familiar.  I have been that person in my younger years to have the attitude of us versus them.  And sadly the current political climate encourages that attitude.  It seems that when we are so focused on being right we forget that we can learn a lot from others.  Dialogue can bring a lot of good things, but when someone is trying to convert a person to join their faith it tends to be more of a one way conversation than a dialogue.  The young man was trying to shame Taylor in telling her she is not being a Christian the way that he thinks she should be.  There are a lot of arm chair Christians wanting to let others know how to conduct their lives.  A Buddhist chaplain I worked with before would encourage me to be kind to myself. As I learned to do that more, it helped me with the process of having more kindness toward others; including others who I am different from.  Still a work in progress…