Lee Whitlock


My church, Crescent Hill Baptist Church in Louisville was also kicked out of the SBC as well as the KBC. We were actually “open and accepting”. The conventions just didn’t like the way Jesus dealt with people. Why, he even spoke well of a Samaritan.

I graduated from SBTS in 1974. I lived in Atlanta and graduated from Georgia State University. I got many of my values from those two institutions. 1968 was a pivotal year for me. I met Dr. Martin Luther King, Jimmy Carter, and was influenced by the editorial writings in the Atlanta Constitution of Ralph McGill.  By the time I got to SBTS, I was further changed by Hinson, Stagg, Jones, Moody, Francisco, Oates, and others that were there during one of SBTS’s golden ages. As important as that was, it was just as important that I was able to examine my past and recognize it for what it was. I was a “Teenage Racist”.