Tim Peters

Hi All,

I am Tim Peters.  I am a hospice chaplain in Stockton, CA for Vitas Healthcare where I have been for about seven years.  I am Seventh-day Adventist and am involved as an elder, with teaching collegiate Bible study and with a grief ministry team at my local church.


Here’s my elevator speech:  I grew up going to church in the Seventh-day Adventist church.  I also went to church schools and Pathfinders (Adventist coed version of Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts).   As a kid all the God talk I was around didn’t mean too much.  Around the age of 13 I felt a desire to know God for myself.  That is when I started actively seeking to know God.  Somewhere in high school I became very conservative and I would even say “holier than thou”.  Through my time in college I believe God helped me learn more balance in life and see that it’s not all about me.  After seminary I did my CPE residency in San Francisco where I learned a good deal about other faiths and perspectives.  Through the years as a chaplain I have found a richness in people’s faith from all walks of life.  I feel I have more to learn from other faiths/traditions and look forward to our discussion together.