Dianna Cox

I am Lutheran (ELCA) I don’t think we have the corner market on the exclusive version of what is right when it comes to finding God or there is one way. At least I don’t subscribe to one way. I was really stuck by Padmavathi’s bath. It made me think of our hospice patients who so often can’t take a shower or bath because they are so weak. The bath aide comes in and gives the patient a bath in their bed. Most of aides share that it is a ritual for them and the patients they tell me find it a very soothing experience. I truly think in our worship world we don’t have enough rituals that really speak to our lives. Maybe if we did more meaningful ritual it would connect us more to God and our spirituality.

I remember a trip I made to learn more about the Baha’i faith when I was in college. I will never forget it because we were encouraged to really join in. Some of us did and some of us had a difficult time. Those of us who joined in got a much richer experience. Participating did not make me want to join the Baha’i faith however I did come away appreciating how others express their spirituality.