Lee Whitlock

Welcome, everyone. I think we’ve got everyone signed in now. As the weekend gives you time, please read chapters 1 and 2. Consider the following questions in Chapter 1:

  • Do you come from a religion/denomination that claims to have an exclusive truth or exclusive claims? Since religion is so prevalent in the news today, how do you make sense of those claims in light of the exclusive claims of other religions?
  • In Chapter 1, you read about one of her students who dropped her class. He had hoped that he would find information that would help him point out what was wrong with other religions. He wanted to show where Christianity was right and their religion was false. What were your feelings about this story? Why?
  • Anything else you want to discuss out of Chapter 1

In Chapter 2, Vishnu’s Almonds, you read about:

Taylor witnessing Padmavathi’s bath.

1. She writes: “I have never seen anything like this mix of the sensual and the sacred, with no fireproof ditch between the two.” How do you feel about the intertwining of the sensual and sacred?

2. What thoughts do you have about the tensions and overlaps of other religions? How can you be culturally respectful and participate in a religion you don’t follow. Taylor writes: “Can anyone who visits a sacred space remain an observer, or does one become a participant simply by entering in? Does taking part in the ritual of another faith automatically make you a traitor to your own?”

3. Anything else you want to discuss out of Chapter 2.