Lee Whitlock

Thank you, Anne. I had Dr. Oates when I was at SBTS. I don’t remember him sharing his idea about a “Trialogue”. Perhaps he shared it in another form. I love the idea. I heard a Rabbi once describe two believers walking down a road. When one is troubled, the other becomes his Rabbi. The original Southern Baptists believed in “the Priesthood of all believers”. Same concept – “I priest you; you priest me.” By expanding our knowledge of other faiths, this gives us the ability to become “the holy one” with people of other faiths. Currently, I have a Jewish lady coming to me once a week. She initially came because she wanted to “convert” to Christianity. I told her, of course, I could help her with that, but that she did not have to give up her Judaism. In fact, I explained, she would be a stronger Christian because of her Jewish faith. I explained further that Christians know too little of our OT (Jewish) roots. She would be like the early disciples. She would see how Jesus kept the law but simply moved it further – “You have heard it said….. but I say unto you….” Jesus brought more compassion to an already compassionate idea. Mainly, I taught her the “mechanics” of the NT. I remember when we first looked at John 3:16. She thought it was on page 316. I had told her to turn to “John 3:16.” I had to explain that our shorthand meant to find the Gospel of John. Then find Chapter 3, and finally find verse 16. We even had an old fashioned “Sword Drill.” After awhile studying orthopraxy, we would move to orthodoxy.