Lee Whitlock


Good to read your introduction. I envy your ability and desire to travel with your husband, I assume to those “far away places with the strange sounding names.” The song goes on, “They are calling me, calling me home.” I traveled extensively for my last 10 years of work. I went to 35 countries and 43 states. Seems like “home” for me was “getting there”; in other words, home was the travels to the various places to which I traveled. Then I would hop off of the plane, bus, train, or out of the car and visit for awhile, then I would travel some more. My living room was the airplane seat. My Lazy Boy was a cramped airplane recliner (about 2″ worth of tilt). On one of my last trips, I revisited an old friend – Leslie Weatherhead’s The Christian Agnostic.  Reading LW made me revisit the many things I just do not know about my faith or the faith of my fathers and mothers. In meeting people from Europe, Asia, the Middle East, etc., I especially realized that while I had an excellent Seminary Education (SBTS – ’74), my theology was much the poorer for what I did not know hearing a 2-minute elevator (more likely an airline seat) speech. “Tell me about that spot on your forehead.” “The way you hold that book and read it in a special way makes me think it is a holy book. Could you share with me your faith?” “Oh, you converted to the Muslim faith. What attracted you to it?” This agnostic got a real live “show and tell” going from here to there.