Lee Whitlock


I like your concept that people born or moved to another faith are coming to God from a different place. Years ago, I read J. B. Phillips’ Your God is too Small. In it, he makes essentially the same point. We see through a glass darkly as the Apostle Paul would say. By studying other religions/faiths, I find much that I would incorporate into my own faith. Jesus was raised along that amazing “land bridge” that connected the East from the West. Travelers along that trade route came from many faiths. I’m sure the young man Jesus from approximately age 12 to 30 soaked up the various ideas from other religions. It would have been common for him to meet several people from various religions each day. We don’t have that luxury today. At best, in today’s world, we encounter perhaps 2-3 other faiths. We barely scratch the surface of this very large God we worship. Perhaps, the only way we will know the beliefs of other faiths is to study them or travel extensively from our home base.

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