Lori Casey BSN MDiv., BCC-PCHAC

Hi All,   I am Lori Casey, a nurse turned chaplain.  My husband and I met in the Air Force and now live in Lexington, KY where I was the palliative care chaplain for Baptist Health Lexington for six years.  I left my job over a year ago (sadly had to quit for the time off I needed) to travel with my husband (Delta pilot) before he has to retire at 65 next year (FAA rules for all commercial airline pilots).  I am an United Methodist elder, went to Asbury Seminary, was in a church for a year and a half in Louisville but always wanted to get back to the bedside.  I am hopeful I can even find a chaplain job as so many places are cutting back. I would  start looking for another chaplain job now  but our daughter is getting married June 29th in Atlanta and I am back and forth a lot right now.  Our son also lives in Atlanta so the bonus for me is seeing him as well.   My husband grew up Catholic in Boston.  After Mass one Sunday my mother-in-law introduced me to their priest who promptly said, “I wish the Catholic Church would get on with ordaining women.” I think I hugged him.

I have read several of BTB’s books and really enjoy her writing style as well. Glad to be in this class to learn with “all Y’all!”