Mary M. Wrye

Hello Lee, Kathy, and all,
I am Mary Wrye. Sole Chaplain in a small community Methodist hospital in Western Kentucky. I am Baptist (Cooperative Baptist Fellowship), have a BS degree in Vocational Rehabilitation and worked for 8 years with mentally and physically handicapped adults. I left that and got my MDiv from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1988 (just prior to the Southern Baptist Convention split). I served on church staffs in KY, TN, VA, SC, and like Lee got tired of all the politics and crap. I was given the opportunity to do a CPE Residency in the Greenville Hospital System. I took it and never looked back. After completing my Residency, I moved to my current position and have been here just shy of 15 years. I am single with no children unless you count my 2 cats.

So my elevator speech would be… I was raised in a Southern Baptist Church, baptized at the age of 11 and have been active in every church I have been a member of. While my background, beliefs, and theology have led me to believe that Jesus is the son of God, came to fulfill his mission of showing us the way, and that God loves me enough to walk with me every day of my life – I also believe that others who were born elsewhere and raised differently than I was have the same rights to their beliefs and theology as I do. It doesn’t necessarily have to mean that one of us is right and one of us is wrong. We are just going at it from different places and I believe there are points of intersection.

I am a fan of BBT and chose this seminar because I am anxious to read her book. Looking forward to our discussions.