Hi Lee, and all,

Kathy Ozenberger from south of Houston, Texas.   I’m traveling between 3 small hospitals and attempting to manage the Pastoral Care department for University of Texas Medical Branch.  I’ve worked for UTMB for 22 years officially–prior to that worked for an Episcopal Center as chaplain at the hospital.   Before chaplaincy I worked for a state denominational entity in women’s work.  I’m married with a 19 year old community college student at home.   Busy days.

I enjoy BBT and find that her writing is captivating as well as challenging.  I so look forward to the conversations and the insights we all can bring.

Guess my elevator speech is…

Long time Baptist–not without the questions and frustrations, but still–my Dad was an original bus kid at our church in the 50’s and Mom and I attended in later years–baptized at 7 after confessing faith at 6.  Went to a Baptist college and Baptist seminary–and finally decided for myself that what I believed at 6 was what a 6 year old could believe and today, I believe what someone slightly older than 21 believes.  I wish I could say that I spend hours in prayer and Bible study, but my faith is more about serving and meeting needs before me and praying as I go.   Hubby and I appreciate Theology of the Hammer by Millard Fuller (Habitat for Humanity).