Michael Porter

Greetings All,

I was on vacation last week and spent yesterday getting caught up with things at the hospital.  I appreciated rereading When Religion Gets Sick.  It brought a more helpful perspective than when I read it during CPE because I was able to relate it to people and experiences I have had.  One area I continue to struggle with is helping people with forgiveness.  My experience that people cannot forgive themselves and reflect this onto God.  As much as I assure people of God’s forgiveness they, until they are able to forgive themselves, they struggle.  The reconciliation model – “learning to accept oneself when one realizes that one is unacceptable …” this is a hurdle for many people I have cared for and takes more than the limited time I have with people.  This becomes more difficult when a person does not have the support needed to follow though with care.  One thing I do is listen to the person’s story and let them vent and start dumping the “self guilt” hopefully to make room for healthy thinking.

Thank you all for the time we shared and your insights.  There is still much to ponder.  Blessings to all.