Russell (Rusty) Hoffman

A very interesting article, Rick. It suggests that in people who have an inherited tendency to depression, having a strong involvement in religious or spiritual matters can alter brain structure in certain regions.  “…<span style=”caret-color: #1c1d1e; color: #1c1d1e; font-family: ‘Open Sans’, icomoon, sans-serif;”>these regions are also associated with risk of developing MDD (major depressive disease), reorganization of white matter through R/S (religion/spirituality) may help protect individuals from going on to develop the illness.” It does not give a hypothesis about how this might occur. Increased social support by a loving faith community may certainly be one way this could happen. </span>

The course has raised several issues, questions and important observations that will be valuable for me personally and in my function as a deacon at church. Thank You, Rick, Lee and all the other participants.