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Rick Underwood

Hey folks,

As you discovered, our website was down for a few days. Hope everything is working well now. I have asked Jason to post week three’s assignment and resources. Hope that will be up by tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.

After reading week two’s assignments, I went out and bought a sketchbook and coloured pencils and I have been using the exercises to process my grief about selling our house that has been home for 36 years and growing older and the natural losses that go with that.

The other thing I have been using art to process is my keeping myself extremely busy at age 71 to avoid some of the prior losses.

While I have not had a profound experience of release, I must say the artwork has helped me identify some areas that need to be released.

I haven’t tried using the art in my spiritual care of others but I have been more tunned to the art expressions around the hospital and in our church and in my home.  If one takes a few minutes to look and be aware of emotions it is amazing what comes up.