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I appreciate the brief grief questionnaire (say that three times).  Almost wish I could memorize them–especially Drs. Shear and Essock’s for when I encounter a patient/family member grieving.    I just listened to a fiction book where one of the characters was portrayed as grieving the loss of her husband and appeared to be stuck–the loss interfering with life and appeared to be unable to even be in the home that she shared with her husband and family.  She also was portrayed as unable to make connection with friends.  I realize this was probably a characterization, but it certainly portrayed several of the questions on the grief questionnaire.

As I move from location to location, I guess I wonder about carrying around sand or art supplies.  But as I read I could see asking the patient/family–What color do you see or feel in your grief?  Or is there an image of something in nature that reminds you of your loved one?

I have a packet of paper mandalas and labyrinths that I share with patients sometimes.  I suggest the mandalas as prayer tools as suggested in Praying in Color by Sybil MacBeth but I can see suggesting a griever write a quality or experience about their loved one in the mandala.  I could also suggest the paper labyrinths for a person in grief.

Hmmmm…ideas are flowing.  Thank you!