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Lee Whitlock

Brand, thanks for sharing your story with us. As the population at Beacon House became younger (When I first went there, average age was about 50, when I left it was about 25), I saw a great deal of this magical thinking.  In high school, especially private schools, things came easily to the young men. They expected life would meet them with the same degree of success. Their behaviors didn’t change from the behaviors they had relied on in HS. There was still lots of drinking, drug abuse, and late nights. The work force was different. Bad performance didn’t get you sent to the guidance counselor; it got you sent to personnel to be escorted out of the building. Drugs especially were a problem for the younger crowd. While in HS or while employed, pills were available and money was available to purchase them. When they were out of money, the cheapest alternative was heroin. I grew to just hate that drug. It was and is so difficult to break that habit. Rather than being a magical fix to their problems, it, of course, created new ones. I love the idea that you introduced – deus ex machina. In HS and the early days of working, there was a “godly handout” – the parents or the warnings given by personnel departments; however, as the client progressed in age, s/he had to learn that they held the solution to their problems.