Lee Whitlock

Russell, I agree that the fixed mind is unteachable. I remember years ago reading Leslie Weatherhead’s Your God is too Small. Once we define God in earthly terms, we become uncritical of that view. We have actually made God after some earthly image. For instance, calling God “The Great Coach in the Sky” or “The Great Fire Chief”. Then we begin seeing God in limited terms, and we see Jesus’ commands to feed the hungry, give water to the thirsty as a set of laws with the limitations that would be placed by the “coach” or the “fire chief”. Yes, we are to do those things, but only if they are hungry based on our terms or thirsty for some other reason. We seek wiggle room to Jesus’ absolutes. I love the image of God as comforter. Our purpose is to help others feel comfortable through whatever means we can bring to a situation just as Jesus came to us to bring us comfort. He said that when he went away he would send the comforter. That is, of course, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit operates through us, the believers.