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Michael Porter

I can relate to relate to the case studies presented in chapter three because I have experienced similar themes in the hospital setting.  They are helpful  in giving insight to caring for people  who express these issues.  I appreciate the connection that is made  between the psychiatric  and the sick religion elements in a person, which shows that both the Psychiatrist and the Chaplain work as a team in caring for a person.

As I read the section about “brainwashing” and “forced indoctrination”, I began to think about sick religion as an addiction and maybe a person is drawn to it like one is drawn to alcohol or drugs.  I have cared for people who seemed to be paralyzed in making decisions without a clear direction from their religious beliefs or they stand on decisions that may not be in the best interest of the patient.  I believe religion is to keep a person connected to God who gives what is needed to live in the reality of life.  I agree that some people us it as a magical tool to have things go their way.

I agree, “The crucial issue in all of the above suggestions … is that of interdisciplinary collaboration” where the team comes together each member with his/her own expertise, as each person is cared for where s/he is at.