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Good afternoon,

Such a timely topic, thanks for letting me join in late.

I appreciated the reminders of the grief theories that were fairly familiar.  I too was touched by the statement “not everyone wants to go to deep meaning levels. Some people simply want to function with out much reflection or re-visioning.”  I, too, want to look for ways to touch a deeper meaning, but continue to offer respect for those who may not be ready to make that step -with me or not at all.  Sometimes silence can allow folks time to think and perhaps go deeper.    I keep thinking of my uncle whose wife died last Friday.  A tall, professional former Highway Patrolman, it will be hard to break through that shell to offer a deeper reflection.  I trust he will find someone who can be his sounding board as he embarks on this new venture of grief.

Scripture seemed to come to mind as I was reminded of the tasks–

1. Numbness, shock–the disciples as they needed to see Jesus–his hands, his feet.

2. searching–as a deer pants…

3. disorganization–I am the way

4. reorganization–Psalm 23–lie down in green pastures.

But sometimes a song gets caught in my mind and I think of someone.

My Aunt Joyce  and I had sewing, quilting and crafting in common.  I think that when I am busy with crafts, I will think of her.

I have taken scrapbooking paper and supplies to a support group meeting–asked participants to bring a photo–and the group made scrapbook pages.

I have taken small inexpensive journals to patients for writing–so journaling could be another option.

Maybe we could ask families or patient (not newly bereaved, but those we encounter further along in grief) if there is a song or quote that is helpful in their grief.

What do you say to those who say–“I know God won’t give me any more than I can bear”?

Blessings for your weekend!