Rick Underwood

Mike and others,

Thanks for jumping in and introducing yourself.  Welcome to all.  My apologies for our delayed beginning.  By now, you should have received my email with a copy of the book attached.

I too, read this book during training many years ago.  The concepts have been helpful in my ministry of counseling, pastoral care, teaching, and pastoring.  Like other of Wayne’s book, many of the insights are as relevant today as they were in the 90s.  Moreover, a bit like reading scripture, our station in life has a great deal to do with our interpretation of the material.  Like Mike, I am interested in discovering the truth from his words for today, while we add other more contemporary writings on the subject.

This is a timely discussion, especially in light of different tribes promoting narratives that may or may not be healthy in our pursuit of meaning and purpose in life.

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