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Joy Freeman



I would love to hear more about the second victims program you have.  It sounds like something that would benefit where I am at.


I relate to what you say about research, I feel much the same way.  However, I am coming to the understanding like so many others that I must be engaging the research.  For me this means reading, knowing and being able to succinctly talk about the evidence that is coming to light.  I think it is easy to think that we all must be doing the research, I don’t know that that is really the case.  Some chaplains are going to be called to do research and be able to do it well.  Those of us that don’t naturally gravitate to research can still promote our discipline by being able to communicate the research to those outside of our discipline for whom the research is their language.  And we can partner and call on the others in our settings that do understand research to help us along.  I have developed a great relationship with our research educator who helps me in locating pertinent articles and has been very gracious in assisting me in understanding the terminology I don’t get.