Rick Underwood


It sounds like you have laid a good foundation and are doing the things that “may” eventually lead to more expansion of the spiritual care offering.  I suspect that you have made more progress that it seems to you because of your vision to improve the offerings.

As many have already indicated, building a durable relationship with the leaders is essential. Wayne Oates was a master at doing that.  Many of the friends he made were physicians and administrators.  He would say to us young persons, that we need to make friends with a variety of professionals in our communities and grow up with them.  That was the best advice I ever received in regards to this issue of strategic leadership.  Wayne would dedicate one of his many books to those professionals who he was befriending.  My approach for what it was worth was to socialize with those folks by invited them to social gatherings, jogging, exercising, and often getting reciprocal invitations. We also recruited the “power brokers” like physicians, administrations, pastors, donors, board members, donors, etc. to work with us on special projects. These projects ran the gambit from travel/learning events, non-pharmacological hypertension clinic, advisory committees, educational events, fundraising events, etc.
Keep up the good work and I suspect you will be able to accomplish more than you anticipated.