Daniel Roberts

Hello Everyone,

I started the course last week.  I fell pray to the system glitch, and I did not realize that the course had started.  I got 17 e-mails from the Oates Institute saying that I had registered for classes that I did not want to take.  Rick e-mailed that the platform was fixed, but in the quick scan of the e-mail due to receiving a ton of “spam” from the Oates Institute, I did not realize the course had started until I received the e-mail for week 2.

I am Dan Roberts, and I am the Innovations in Spiritual Care Delivery Chaplain for Baylor Scott & White Health.  I started this position after Thanksgiving, and it is a new position for our organization.  To sum up my job I am responsible for finding innovative ways to increase access to spiritual care, improve the quality of our services, and to find ways for us to be more efficient.  In this role, I am identifying opportunities and providing project management to get the programs started.

I come to this role with 10 years of chaplain experience primarily in pediatrics.  I transferred to this position from our children’s hospital, McLane Children’s Medical Center.  I served there for five years, and I managed its department for the last four.  I am board certified through the APC.