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Rose McKeown

Joy, I am not sure how to answer this except by saying that I try to walk with staff and towns folks as they lament ‘there’s no more Sisters’ and the old is being torn down. At the same time, people do realize the benefits that have come with the merger and the blessing that it is to have a hospital here in this town. I do very much believe, as you wonder, that as people of faith we do have a unique set of skills and insights to help do this. Our Foundress always said “It is God’s work” and God at work in all of us. And, that in the end, all will be well. What’s the saying? “Work like it all depended on us. Trust like it all depends on God” or something like that. Don’t know if all of this answers your question.
Where I have to trust right now is what will pastoral care look like once I retire and there are no more Sisters? Pastoral Care is valued in all the hospitals throughout the System, the other critical access hospital included. So, I trust it will also continue to be valued here.