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While the article introducing complexity theory challenged me with its highly theoretical approach, Handzo and Wintz’s article seemed at the other end of the spectrum to me … a pretty basic introduction regaring how to make a business case for a pastoral care department. I should clarify that this is basic information for professional chaplains, but likely not to administrators, whom I presume is the intended audience of this article. Still, it is helpful to look at “the business case” from this perspective. One of the biggest challenges I face personally is trying to figure out how healthcare executives think. It is so counter-intuitive for me to focus on the types of data that they are interested in to the exclusion of other important factors. This creates inner tension for me. I know I need to understand how they think but at the same time I don’t want to “become one of them” and buy into that philosophy. I think our hospital has great leaders overall. I just don’t think like an administrators and don’t want to be an administrator. So I need help understanding administrators.