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Hi Rose, I was struck by your Latin American theological proverb, and its relevance for complexity thinking.

<span style=”color: #737373; font-family: Lato; font-size: 12px;”>“There is no one so poor that they have nothing to give. There is no one so rich that they have nothing to receive” (Latin American theologian)</span>

Do you know where this quote is from?

And I like Joy’s summary of learning to see a system as a living organism rather than a structured organization. Unfortunately, I’m not yet seeing the “round table” leadership in my organization. I have several chaplain colleagues who have gone on to get health management degrees and go into healthcare administration. I am not in the least interested in this, though I respect and support those who are. There’s enough of a rebel in me that does not want to buy into the disease model of illness, much less the “structured organization” model of leadership. Sometimes, alas, I wonder if I really belong in healthcare or religion at all. Both systems seem to me to be failing in many ways.