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Before I delve into your reflections, I wanted to make a statement about my own thoughts on this article.

Wow. This was a dense read. I certainly would see healthcare systems such as the one I work in as a complex organization. This theory is completely new to me, so I am still trying to wrap my mind around it. It’s hard for me to imagine our current senior leaders allowing or even promoting a sense of chaos and disintegration in order to bring about better adapted systems and structures. I would love to see this in action in my institution, for sure. I may understand the theory better if I could see an example in healthcare.

It strikes me that this theory requires a certain type of skill set in leadership. All leaders are not visionaries who can look at the big picture and see patterns. Or who can lead by setting up broad parameters of expectations. On the other hand, this theory does seem to be rather egalitarian, which I like, rather than hierarchical, which is our current state.

I’m left wondering if complexity theory “works” in a broken system, or if a capable, innovative team top-to-bottom is required?