Hi all, due to a glitch in the system I just got into the course today. Sorry for my late arrival. I am the director of pastoral care for a small semi-rural community hospital system in the mountains of Northwest North Carolina. I have served this institution for 20 years, and because of its small size I have been able to maintain fairly positive relationships with the senior team as well as my manager-level peers. However, I feel that I am always considered a bit “fringe” to the inner workings of healthcare, and would like to sharpen my ability to speak the language of healthcare (without completely buying in to some of healthcare’s broken systems) and offer fresh insight to my senior leaders. On a more basic level, I am of course interested in making the chaplaincy program “indespensable” at my shop, as many of my chaplain colleagues elsewhere continue to lose jobs in this environment despite doing excellent (and in my opinion, invaluable) work.

I have read the initial articles and will be posting some of my thoughts, as well as trying to catch up with your posts. Thanks for including me in the course!

Melanie Childers

Boone, NC