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Michael Porter

Things have been hectic for me the past couple of days.  I wanted to post something to let you know I am still with you.

Joy, like you I appreciated Larry connecting what we as Chaplains do at the beside with leadership and how we can have those conversations.   Though I did not look at it in this way, it make sense to me especially when the organization is seen as living entity.  As I reflect on my interactions with the senior leadership and leadership teams I see that I have been in the role as described.  My pastoral heart was working in spite of me.  I learn more and more I need to be who I am and use the gifts God has given me and things work.

Of the two lay offs I have experienced the first was carried out as Larry put forth.  At that time we were not for profit and people were talked to individually and respectfully.  The second time happened under the corporate hammer and one day people were there the next they were not.  I spent most of the days following being present on the floor and available to support those who remained.  People were not given the opportunity to say good by to people they worked with some for many years.  Listening to people express their grief was important.

I appreciate Larry’s discussion of Chaplains helping organizations maintain a sense of curiosity and imagination to build hope and hopefulness about the possibility of a different future and actually helping frame that future.  With staff I help them remember that though they think they cannot make a difference in the organizational structure, they do make a difference in the lives of the people they care for, which in the big picture,  makes a difference in the organization.

I appreciate how Larry connected the readings form last week to the work we do as Chaplains.  He helped me see more clearly that what we do as Chaplains helps develop complexity thinking for sustainability leadership.