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I just viewed the recorded session and found Larry’s presentation very engaging.  I reflected upon my own interaction with administration where I am, my relationship with our executive director, and with staff members throughout the community.  I realized that I have some tools to better interpret the work of Pastoral Services Department here to everyone, but I haven’t been making full use of those–and I need to!  We have very nice brochure that I produced a year ago that needs to be better disseminated with new residents and short-term PT clients in our skilled nursing area especially.  There are also organs of print and video communication available to me that I should be using to interpret what spiritual care is really about.  Like so many of us, chaplains here are often seen as folks who “say a prayer and light a candle,” when there is so much more that we can, and do, do.

I especially appreciated Larry’s counsel to become familiar with the organizational leadership literature that’s been published in the last five to eight years, and understand how our spiritual care language can be translated into the mainstream of organizational leadership concerns.  As he mentioned, that literature is often showing concern for areas of the human spirit that pastoral care folks in CPE and applied theology were using forty and more years ago.  There are real points of contact where we can begin to demonstrate that we have a serious role to play as influencers of organizational culture and change.