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Joy Freeman


I really am a worker bee, not privy to a lot of the leadership conversations. So I’m not sure I can think of a specific organizational issue at hand that I could bring up. But one issue that is more directly related to our department that we are engaging currently is the ever dreaded “do you want to see a chaplain” question on our nursing assessment.  We are wanting to get that changed – to do so means to engage nursing leadership to understand why that question does not work. I understand the language of nursing is evidence based practices (especially as a magnet hospital).  I can help our department translate our innate understanding of  why this is an awful question, by knowing the research that has come out that shows how people do not understand generally what chaplains do and be able to speak the language of what are best practices in engaging a spiritual screening.  Being able to do this utilizes my ability to be a translator and speak spiritual taxonomy as well as understand the medical/evidence/show me language of nursing.  I could then proceed to help get buy in by drawing in a reminder of our mission, and begin to utilize my ability to ask reflective questions of leadership to help them come to their own understanding of what wholistic healing is and why spiritual care is important to that hope and healing that our mission states. My bedside skills of understanding creating a shift in thinking is a process that often takes more than one conversation, being able to be patient with the organizational system’s process of coming along side my thinking and being able to work the process and trust that working the process will eventually create the outcome desired is critical I think to this process.