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Joy Freeman

I found this conversation very helpful in bringing to light how the skills we use at the bedside really do translate to leadership and conversations with our leadership.  I had not really put the two together and really it is rather empowering to think I am already somewhat equipped.

I appreciated his focus on asking and discovering what it looks like to support the organization at the organizational level, particularly the idea about how we help the organization frame and re-frame organizational conversations.  I felt a light go on when I realized how often I am helping patients and families frame and re-frame conversations. It makes so much sense to take the person skill to a living organization.

I greatly appreciated his encouragement of us to use our ability and skills in creatively building and creating hope in the organization.  This resonated with me, because where I am our mission statement actually is “We create hope and healing to every life we touch.” Where I am at, this is a perfect opening for our department to become stronger participants in the conversation.

The last thing that I really connected with was the idea of using ritual and staff support opportunities creatively to help teach the organization about what we as spiritual care providers can bring to the organization as a whole and not just have us pigeon holed to bedside pt care.

Such a very helpful conversation for me.