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Rose McKeown

Thanks Brand! I have not met you yet and I couldn’t find your introduction! It is probably in there somewhere. I did see your reflections and will respond to them before the day is over.

I remember the word ‘perichoresis’ from my theology classes. It is a beautiful concept of how the Trinity- they all dance together as One!

I’m glad I wasn’t the only one whose head hurt! 🙂 Yes, complexity theory is a tough concept to get one’s head around because we have all been raised in the hierarchical model at home, at Church and in our work places. All that is changing now. It is God at work in all things and all peoples and all of creation. I look at my nieces raising their children. The will ask the little ones “now, which cereal do you want?” – it’s the round table. When I grew up it was ‘we’re having oatmeal this morning” 🙂

Change is happening all around us. So fast, we can’t keep up with it. We are seeing it now almost being forced to happen within our Catholic Church. The Spirit is at work. Leaders in healthcare systems don’t talk Spirit language but we can. But we also need to learn their language and for a lot of us, that is a hard language to learn!