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Michael Porter

Thank you, Joy for reminding me that the system is a living organism.  I had known this, but with our former CEO that concept became clouded for me.  He got word from corporate and he went with a quick solution.  He would hear of a new idea and implemented it without the input of the leadership team to see how we can make it work for us.  I believe our new CEO is moving us back to being a living organism.  He listens to the leadership and to other associates to learn our ideas on what might work for us.  He had some fixes he needed to work on as soon as he got here a year ago and is now able to focus more on who we are at Porter and how we as a team can meet corporate exceptions our way.  I appreciate you raising up the Chaplain as one who shepherds people.  I am part of the leadership team and I interact with my fellow leaders as we look at processes to improve the experience of people who come to us for care.  They look at best practices etc. and look for a quick solution.  I need to maintain my shepherding and help them remember it takes time.