Joy Freeman

Mike, Let me expand and clarify my original comment – I was speaking more from a historical perspective of what finally helped get more than one chaplain for the hospital I am at.  I credit the work of the chaplain who hired me 16 years ago for the connection with the doctors, he was there 35 years before he retired, he grew the department from one person to the 5 chaplains we have now (2 full time and 3 part time).  The doctors who historically had a voice of advocacy for us have retired or moved on.  Now Like you, there are doctors who value me and the support our department provides, would they go to bat for us – I don’t know any more – the relationship is different now they have different pressing needs.  Nursing values us, but also has their own needs.  We have been established in the hospital long enough now that we are able to stand on our own, advocate for ourselves and prove our own value.  But it’s been a long road of building relationships and being extremely consistent in the care we provide.